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  People spend billions of dollars each year insuring their homes, vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and personal property. We frequently neglect to insure the most important asset of all; yourself and your family. Protect yourself and your family from natural disasters and emergencies by being prepared with a plan.

Sometimes with our hectic schedule from work, Training and focusing on our personal lives, we forget to prepare ourselves and our families in case of a emergency and natural disaster.

Emergencies and disasters happen throughout the world in communities just like yours, and to people like you. We've seen tornado outbreaks, flash floods, historic earthquakes, Tsunamis, fires, hurricanes, and power outages that affect millions of people for days at a time.


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  Magnitude-5.1 earthquake rattles Los Angeles area

Los Angeles (CNN) -- A magnitude-5.1 earthquake struck the Los Angeles area Friday night, jolting nearby communities and breaking water mains in some neighborhoods. Its epicenter was in Orange County, one mile east of La Habra and four miles north of Fullerton, the U.S. Geological Survey said. Shortly after the earthquake, nearly two dozen aftershocks followed.


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  Number of missing in Washington mudslide plummets

DARRINGTON, Wash.(CBS NEWS) -- The number of missing in the Washington state mudslide fell to 30 on Saturday after many people were found safe, authorities said. A drop from the original 90 was expected as people notified authorities that they were well, a spokesman, Jason Biermann, said. He also said that the number of confirmed dead rose to 18 and that rescuers had found another victim in the rain-soaked debris field. Earlier authorities said that they had discovered at least 25 bodies.
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