Secutors emergency and disaster preparedness consultants specialize in customized emergency, disaster, and survival preparedness
for individuals, families, and corporations. Secutors helps you and your family prepare in several areas to ensure you
and your family are safe through a natural disaster. We provide assisatance in:

Secutors helps you identify any existing risks and also gives you the knowledge and preparation for:

- Identification and mitigation of possible hazards in your home
- Determination of members included in protection plan
- Assessment of self-defense skills and items used to protect you and your family

Secutors helps you with the maintenance of emergency and survival materials:

- Home: Shelter-in-place, systems backups, generators, and system fortification
- Auto: Basic preparedness items for vehicles
- Work: Basic preparedness for workplace environments
- Prescription medications and medical supplies
- Scheduled maintenance and rotation of preparedness items
- Build an Emergency Preparedness kit customized to your families needs

1 in 4 families have not planned for emergencies
40% don't know how to plan.

Secutors helps you customize emergency preparedness solutions:

- Evacuation maps, planning & escape routes
- Friends & family communication plans and resources
- Insurance, documents and vital records
- Care for special needs individuals
- Planning for pets and livestocks

Secutors helps you get educated in emergency preparedness and disasters:

- Shelter-in-home and mobile sheltering
- Food & water safety and supply
- Fuel and energy sources
- First aid and trauma care
- Navigation and communication
- Self defense and weaponry
- Mental preparedness
- CERT training and community volunteering
- Education for kids

Secutors helps you with retrofitting and fortification of home and other real estate:

- Earthquake retrofitting and safety modifications
- Backup utility and power generation systems
- Construction of new or retrofitted shelters and safe rooms

Beyond and emergency event Secutors also prepares you for the resulting fall-out, such as stoppage in:


Public Services:
- Water
- Power
- Sanitation
- Emergency Response
- Medical Care

Community Shortages:
- Water
- Food
- Medication
- Fuel
- Building Supplies

Civil Instability:
- Traffic
- Riots
- Looting
- Increased Crime

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in the preperation of an emergency
action plan custom designed for you and your family.